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5 Simple Grounding Techniques

5 Simple Grounding Techniques everlyafter

Let’s Get Grounded!!

Grounding techniques are an essential part of our spiritual development. It can keep us centered, stabilize us emotionally, and help us maintain balance within ourselves.

If you are ungrounded, your thoughts are likely scattered everywhere. You may also experience feelings of being disconnected. Being ungrounded can cause restlessness, fatigue, and anxiety, and you may feel overwhelmed. If you feel that carrying out a particular task is hard, it is time for some grounding.

I say this with a light heart because I know that if you are delving into spiritual practice, you want to keep your head up in those clouds. It feels good to be ‘out of your mind’ sometimes. Meditation is likely feeding your soul and freeing you all simultaneously. I get it.

However, the reality is that sometimes there is too much of a good thing. If you’re falling asleep during those meditations and forgetting your son at basketball practice, reel it in a bit. We are grounded to be present in our physical body and world.

We need to seek some middle ground for ourselves. Give ourselves the time to practice spiritual awareness and then bring it back down, returning to the physical world. Just not so much so that you obsess over what others think of you and lose sight of your intuition.

Okay! How do I get grounded already?

Take a walk, kick off your shoes, and head outside. Be one with the grass, sand, or earth below you. Feel the wind in your hair, hear the birds chirping, and touch those beautiful trees.

You can visualize a walk if you can’t take that walk because your boss is an ass or there is a significant weather advisory. See yourself getting up, walking outside, and kicking off your shoes. See yourself barefoot on the grass and absorb all the details surrounding you. Feel the wind on your face, breathe in the fresh air, and listen to the sounds of children laughing and animals interacting. Articulate every piece that you can in your mind. When you feel as if you have absorbed everything that you can, when you feel centered, come on back to the present with a few deep cleansing breaths.

Play the music—music can speak straight to the heart. Choose something with a calming and relaxing tone. Music, given a chance, can help reduce blood pressure. We can get out of our heads when we can keep centered on the song itself.

Try focusing on just the one task of listening to the beautiful melodies in the present moment. You can also take it a step further by picking out just one instrument being played in the song to tune into. An example of this would be if there were a piano playing. Let yourself tune into the sound of the piano and let every other instrument fade away, holding your concentration on only the piano.

Eat your vegetables, especially the rooted ones with earthly colors. Hit your farmer’s markets for beets, carrots, garlic, ginger, pumpkins, radishes, turnips, and those delicious sweet potatoes. Roots anchor these plants to the earth, giving them life. We eat them in return for that very grounding and life-force energy. Enjoy!

Breath Work: If you feel ungrounded, try focusing on your breath. Let everything else around you fade away; bring your attention and awareness to your breath. Inhale slowly, bringing your awareness to what that feels like as you take that deep breath. How does it feel as the air moves into your mouth and nose, filling your lungs? Now exhale, pay attention to your lungs, letting go of that breath, and take notice of your chest folding into your body as the air leaves you and how that feels. Let your mind focus only on pushing out the air and the feelings present. Then repeat it, but as you do it a second time, relax the tension that is being held within your body. Let go of your days overtaking stress. Observe each breath while allowing your body to relax and release all tension. Repeat as long as needed.

Take a swim. Water can be an excellent tool to ground your soul. Try floating in a pod, lake, or pool. Take time out for a nice, relaxing bath. If you are doing intuitive or mediumship work, you can ground yourself between your readings by washing and rinsing your hands under cool tap water.

One of my favorite ways to ground myself is with water. I could soak in a tub for hours. I also love using the shower to ground myself. I will stand under the cool water, rinsing away anything that no longer serves me. Everything I do not need goes down the drain as I wash and rinse it. I turn the water temperature up when I feel centered, clear, and grounded. I visualize the sun above my head and its rays as the warm water comes down, filling me with beautiful light energy. When I finish, it is always the right boost that I need to get myself feeling recharged.

Grounding techniques keep us ever-present in the physical world. We all need it, whether or not we partake in spiritual development. People who suffer from anxiety, trauma, or PTSD will also want to learn grounding techniques. When we focus on the present, our minds don’t get to run away with the memories and emotions that keep us from feeling safe.

Be sure to take the time to ground yourself daily for your overall well-being.

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