I was at the bookstore not long ago and took notice of all the books that are coming out now of people sharing their stories of a Near Death Experience.  There are parents sharing stories of their child’s experiences, pastors, doctors, skeptics of an afterlife who have now changed into a believer, and everyday people who all want to share their incredible journeys.  People are writing books about it, talking about it, and even movies are being made about the experiences.

You know that as long as people have been alive there has had to be people out there who have beat the odds, or had an experience like the ones being talked about in all the books and movies. Why did they remain quiet for so long? Is it considered pushing the envelope of peoples beliefs to talk about it and share these experiences….? Do you suppose that now in almost 2020 we seem to be more open, accepting, and more understanding? Are we challenging now more than ever that something much greater than us exists, such as a life after this?

I do believe now more than ever before that the energy has indeed shifted, even within myself. As long as I have been alive I have been connected to something much greater, to spirit, to a knowing…I have had experience after experience to shake me, to touch my soul, to guide me, and to lift me in my weakest of moments.

I was a young child with spirit standing at the edge of my bed, with no clue as to how or why. Anxieties, haunted me such as don’t shut the door, don’t leave me alone, don’t fall asleep, don’t drive by a cemetery, don’t talk about death, don’t eat, and do not take a bath. These anxieties were all very scary for me as a child. I can’t help but think about all the children out in the great big world also having experiences similar, really having no one person to talk to who understands. As an adult that has reunited now with this part of my childhood, I do get it, anxieties were not of my own but related to spirit, whom were communicating in ways that they could. I however, was too young to understand.

Children seem to be more open to spirit, perhaps because they have not yet had minds crowded with others beliefs. Children have not yet had the ways of the world, or people telling them what they should and should not believe in. Perhaps, because they were just home, pieces of that home still remain with the child. Staying with children, staying close until they grow and then forget.

My own Near Death Experience happened when I was around 26years old.  It started out as a night out with a friend, that led to more drinks then my body could handle. The experience seemed quick, but it is so rememberable that I can still see it in my mind as vividly as I had seen it that night. One minute I am standing in someones kitchen and the next my soul is floating above my body at the bottom of a set of stairs.  I can still see the image in my mind of my body laying on its back there lifeless, my neck smashed against the wall and my head oddly drooped.  I looked dead. I even felt dead.

When my soul was floating above my body, the reality of it was that it had likely been just seconds of these events taking place.  However, the images are left so clear in my mind, despite having really been moments, it’s as if I had peered at the images for hours. I reflect back to the moment that I was peering down at my lifeless body and I remember how light my soul self felt. I remember clearly that my soul felt light, clean, and painless. Although, I do recall feeling concerned for myself. My soul asked, “Oh, no, what did you do?”  I did not say it with words like we hear when someone speaks, it came as a thought. It was just that simple, as I asked myself that question it was then that my body was swooped up into a mans arms, and carried to a car.  When I was picked up, was when I came too. The moments leading up to the fall, or the action of falling backwards down the stairs I cannot recollect. I do however remember so clearly my soul seeing myself lay unconscious, maybe even dead.

Talking to people who bared witness to my foolishness accident, shared similar comments. “You looked dead, Cat.” “You looked lifeless.” ” Your eyes they were rolled back in your head, we all thought, you had died.” It sounds to me, that we were all standing in the kitchen talking, I possibly stumbled backwards, too close to the set of the stairs loosing my balance and falling backwards, I have no memory of those events, just the ones that followed.

This experience ended with 12 staples to the back of my head, waking every hour for a couple of days, one massive hospital bill, and a new appreciation for my life. It was clear to me this was not my time to go or how I’d be called home. Leaving my two children at that time after all was not on my agenda.

The days following reawakened the spiritual events that I experienced as a child. The nights were now filled again with spirit visits, dreams, and I was left to make sense of what was happening around me. What did it all mean, what are my beliefs, what is life, who am I, and what is my purpose?  All these questions as I moved forward  I spent my days, weeks, months, and now years figuring out. I’m not sure, yet, that I have all the answers, however, I feel more confident that the answers I do hold are true for me. I have stopped denying my connection with the other-side, instead I choose to embrace it. Every day is a gift, an opportunity to grow my soul.  Sure, I do wrong by myself, more often than not, I do. However, I dust myself off, square up, and I grow.

All the people sharing experiences of a NDE, sharing spiritual experiences, and angel experiences, it takes bravery. I admire your voice and your mission! It is not always easy to share, talk about, or raise questions, we are still in the minority. Although, through our stories we raise the vibration, we touch hearts, we heal, and you may just find you helped another souls growth!  I can’t think of many greater things then that!


Thanks for letting me share!
I wish you well!