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Everly After was started for those who want a safe space to explore spirituality. As EA grows we continue to come together in our grief, loss, and awareness. This is a community that is free from judgement, criticism, or comparison.

You belong here!


Meet Cathleen

Grief Specialist & Spiritual Teacher

Cathleen is a wife and mom of five amazing children, an author, and a spiritual enthusiast. As a compassionate Spiritualist and Grief Specialist, she eases any fears that you may have about working through your grief. She is a gifted healer, intuitive mentor, and confidant.

Are you suffering from a broken heart?

If you have endured a loss, either recently or long ago, you may be feeling incomplete. Incomplete grief can have a lifelong negative impact on our physical and emotional well-being. With over 40 major events that can produce feelings of grief, a loss likely has affected your capacity for happiness. Take this journey with her to work on your own spiritual awareness, self-love, and grief so that you may

begin to heal

My Story

I'm so happy to have you here with me! My name is Cathleen, I am the Creator and Founder of Everly After. I started EA for those who want a safe space to explore their spirituality. For over sixteen years, I have been working with those who have experienced a significant loss and are bearing feelings of grief. My background is in Psychology and Human Resources. I have a true passion for mentoring others along their spiritual and healing paths.

I was born spiritually aware. That awareness has always been a part of me to my very core. Although it was always there, it took me into my twenties before I started to claim my spirituality. After a significant loss and my own near-death experience, there was nowhere left for me to hide. In the years following, I was paired with a very talented mentor who helped me dearly. I went on to be certified in evidential mediumship, became a reiki master, and grief specialist. I have trained under some of the most highly regarded mentors. In the past, I have worked for one of the nation's top spiritual networks.

In all simplicity I believe that we are all children of the same universe. I know it is my souls purpose to spread hope, healing, and awareness.

My grief work became the next step for me to help my clients with their losses. What I learned along the way was that I needed to first do my own grief-healing work, and it has been life-changing. Having gone through significant loss in my own life, I am empathic and understanding of your feelings and need for healing. I have had personal experiences with the death of loved ones, pet loss, abandonment, divorce, and miscarriage. I have carried with me the conflicting feelings of having suffered from unhealthy, abusive relationships that included sexual, mental, and physical abuse. Much of this grief I carried on my shoulders, never knowing what to do with it. The grief program that I now offer has helped me to bring closure, relief, and forgiveness to these enormous losses. I now have the tools to do something about the grief! I want more than anything to share these tools with you so that you can be free.

This is a role that I take very seriously with love, gratitude, and purpose.

I live in the Midwest with my husband, two of my five children who are still at home, and our puppies. I find great joy in spiritual books, writing, nature, and spending time with my family. On the weekends, find us on the boat, at our favorite camping pad, or at one of the children’s many activities. If you also enjoy spiritual books, be sure to check out my books below.


A prompting journal for the grieving soul. A safe place to share your most rememorable moments of your loved one. Allow yourself time to write through those memories that bring you laughter, move you to tears, and keep you cherishing the years. Gift yourself the permission to grieve, it is then you can begin to heal.


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