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Telepathic Communications

Telepathy is the ability to communicate with others by the way of thought. It is a mind-to-mind form of communication. As a medium, you use this ability to communicate with spirit. However, you do not have to be connecting with spirits to appreciate the telepathic skill.

Take a moment and reflect on your life. Think about all the times you have communicated with someone silently. I hold that unspoken communication with my children and my husband. Often, I know what they are thinking and doing despite any distance between us. The same has rung through with my mother.

Time and time again, my mother has reached out to me in a time of crisis. Once, I was working at a little convenience store outside of the Twin Cities, and she phoned me directly after being robbed. Another time, she reached out to me following a vehicle accident. Despite us being in different States, she knew when I was in anguish because she could feel it.

These are two great examples of our human-to-human connection that we can experience with the telepathic ability within us all.

Suppose this unspoken knowing appeals to you; you’re in luck. We can practice and improve our telepathic skills. It is straightforward to practice.

The hardest part of bringing this into your life is your willingness to practice. You can progress in telepathy with patience, time, awareness, and practice. Below are a couple of practice exercises to get you started.

Exercise: Telepathic Conversation

Let yourself start this experience in a relaxed, meditative mind space. Go forward by envisioning someone standing or sitting before you that you want to share with today.

Once you can picture the person in front of you, relay everything you need or want to say in your mind. Because you are communicating with them telepathically, you will not need to have this conversation out loud but internally. Trust that everything will be received simply by your intention.

This practice is an excellent way to get things off your chest that you might want to keep from sharing in person. When you have finished communicating, thank them for joining you, send them with love, and center yourself again in your surroundings.

Trust that this person has received your conversation with them. Be patient in the days following as they reveal having heard you.

Exercise: Telepathic Partner Practice

Find someone to partner with you for this exercise. One of you will be the sender of information, and the other will be the receiver. Pick a spot where you will not be interrupted, and you can both get comfortable.

Sitting across from one another, choose who will go first. You can keep your eyes open or closed for this exercise. When you are ready, the sender will pick a number between one and ten to concentrate on. The sender should focus internally on this particular number, never speaking it out loud. Some might visualize it within the mind’s eye, think it, and feel the energy of that number.

The sender will consciously decide for the receiver to access that number. The sender wants to set their intention for their partner to receive the number, projecting the number toward the receiver. The receiver, in return, should state aloud what number they are receiving without judgments to the thought.

As a side note, when I practice this technique, I always ask my guides to help assist me. Take turns sending and receiving as time permits. Be sure to thank your guides and partners for participating.



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