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Can you become addicted to spiritual and psychic readings?

Can you become addicted to spiritual and psychic readings?


In short, the answer is yes. A person can become addicted to spiritual readings. As a medium, you must set some healthy boundaries for your client. Also, if you are a client looking to have a reading done, you must establish healthy limits.

As a medium, your job is always to look out for your client’s well-being. If your client is messaging you for a reading every day, it is time for a heart-to-heart. Giving someone a spiritual or psychic reading every day is unethical. We must always advocate for others when doing this work. When people are emotionally strained with loss and grief and face tough, life-altering decisions, they turn frantically to the medium for guidance. If you’re a professional medium, your job will be to guide them with love, respect, and sometimes even a slight correction or ‘tough love.’

When one is in deep despair, they don’t always see how they can break through to the surface. If I recently lost my father, a week later my sister passes away, my dog gets hit by a car the following day, and then I lose my job due to all the work I have had to miss, I’m likely not getting out of bed. I will need help, someone to share it with, and possibly some guidance.

A Spiritual Medium is an excellent aid to someone who is grieving. A medium can be a confidant messenger and help give you direction. The client may need further mental and health assistance from a qualified professional. Only if the Spiritual Medium is a qualified specialist will they prescribe you medications or diagnose you. A professional medium will set healthy boundaries for the client.

Sometimes, people can be so overwhelmed that thinking for themselves is too much work. They are in so much despair and long for a connection again with their loved ones that they lose sight of the earthly world around them. If they had a successful reading from a Spiritual Medium and had a heartfelt connection with their loved one, it is easy to continue too long for that connection again and again. Having a spiritual connection is an amazing feeling, experience, and healing, so, understandably, a person wants to have that every moment of every day. The same holds if someone receives a successful psychic reading. Say they pursued a job lead that the medium helped them uncover; it feels good to be connected, understood, and following the right path.

It becomes unhealthy when you want to pick up the phone and call a medium for guidance every day. It is not okay when you stop making decisions for yourself or eat ramen noodles all week because you spent every dime you had on a psychic hotline.

Suddenly, dropping all earthly human relationships to connect again and again with your loved ones on the other side is also unhealthy.

Occasionally, checking in on your loved ones with a Spiritual Medium is acceptable and beneficial. I recommend at least 3–6 months between readings of any kind. Give your loved ones time between these meetings to see the new things happening in your life, and let them settle in and adjust to their new surroundings. Though less frequent, the readings will give you more to talk about and share when it is time to connect.

A professional Spiritual Medium or Psychic will tell you the same thing you hear here. We must keep our feet on the ground and our heads in the earthly game. Remember, you have the ability to connect with your loved ones. You can and should also check in with your very own intuition often.

If using your intuition and connecting to Grandma yourself sounds like gibberish, please stay connected with my blog and other spiritual blogs to learn and explore this further. After all, you did not land here by some coincidence!

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