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Everly After would like to invite you to support our efforts and mission in producing quality unique compression apparel that you can feel good about wearing. All money donated will go to funding new designs, product research, and supporting blood clot awareness charity.

An alarming 900,000 Americans this year alone will experience a DVT, according to statistics. Out of those 900,000 Americans, up to 100,000 will die, in relation. When death occurs it is typically because a part of the blood clot has broken and traveled into the person’s lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism.

Those who have experienced a DVT or PE will most likely be prescribed a graduated compression sock or hosiery as a prevention tool or treatment plan to their condition. Graduated compressions act by gently squeezing the vein walls together, allowing the valves to close and function properly. When the cavity of the effected veins are reduced it helps to restore blood flow to a normal state which improves the overall circulation.

Everly After wants to improve people’s quality of life through products that help you to feel good on the inside while keeping you looking great on the outside. Too many people suffer with conditions causing them to wear compression apparel! However, wearing compression apparel does not have to set you apart, look medical, and be boring in design. Love this life despite any illness!

Everly After appreciates your generous donations we would like to recognize you in your support by print. With your contributions let us know if you would like to be recognized by print of your name or by business name. Recognization’s can be found within inside their ‘Contributing’ blog article.

Thank you in advance for your contribution, it means the world to me! Donations can be accepted by check or online via the links on this page.

Thank you again! I wish you well!

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