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Evolving with Intuition: Exercises for Personal Growth

Evolving with Intuition: Exercises for Personal Growth


Are you feeling a pull toward psychic and mediumship development courses? There is no better time than now to start your intuitive practice. The world needs you; if you have felt called, this is your sign.

We all have intuition; it is up to us to expand on it. Whether or not you have been on this journey for a while now or are just starting, join me below for some exercises you can practice today.

Developing your senses is the key to expanding your inner wisdom, gut instincts, and internal knowing. A term that best describes this in psychic and mediumship work is ‘Clair.’ Clair means “clear,” and it is associated with our ability to clearly hear, feel, see, know, taste, and smell. These intuitive senses help us receive and interpret information from our higher self, source, spirit, angels, and guides. The more you practice using these senses for your own higher good and that of others, the more you can perceive, furthering your awareness.



Some of your ‘Clairs’ will be stronger than others, but with practice, you can build upon each, making them a robust tool for you to use. Below, I will break down four of the most commonly used ‘Clairs’ and provide you with an exercise for expansion.

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing,” and we often describe this as our third eye. It is probably the most well-known psychic sense. Clairvoyance is receiving intuitive or psychic information through visions, symbols, or images. People who are visual learners are typically strong in this Clair.

You should think back when you read a book. Do you see the scene unfolding in your mind’s eye? If you can visualize the book’s characters in detail, the atmosphere, and the surroundings and see the events unfolding, this is happening in your third eye. I also like to refer to this as our inner screen. This is the same place where we see spirits, symbols, visions, and images given to us.

To be more clairvoyant, you must bring more awareness to your inner screen. We can do this in several ways. Below, I will list a few recommendations and exercises for you.


Clairvoyance Exercises:

1. Read often. Visualize everything that you are reading. See the story unfold in your mind’s eye. Pick out books that interest you and have a lot of in-depth details. You will want a book without pictures so you can be the artist within your inner screen.

2. Sit with a partner. Find a partner and ask them to pick a number between 1 and 10. Ask them to visualize that number on their inner screen as clearly as possible, then project it to you. They do this with thought and intention. When they have the number and intend for you to name it, set your intention to receive it and look upon your inner screen (mind’s eye) for the answer. You can also do this exercise with an animal you find in the zoo, a letter of the alphabet, a type of car, a person you know, and various other categories.

3. Object or Scene. This exercise is one of my favorites because you can practice it anywhere. Let yourself set eyes on an object in the room; once you settle on it, look closely at that object, memorizing the details of it. When you have observed that object’s details, please close your eyes and picture it on your inner screen. See it as clearly as possible and add in all of its details. When finished, please open your eyes and compare it to the real object. Did you leave anything out? You can do this as well with an entire scene. Go out in nature, gaze around a coffee shop, or sit on a bench in your favorite mall.

Clairsentience means “clear feeling,” a very prominent psychic ability. It is the ability to feel and experience people’s emotions as if they were yours. Often, we have this ability, but we don’t recognize it for what it is. A clairsentient medium can receive information, messages, and impressions via emotions, feelings, and physical sensations. If you are tapping into your clairsentience, you are getting feelings down in your gut about people, objects, or even places.

Do you notice that you can feel someone else’s physical or emotional pain? Are you someone who cannot stand being in large crowds because of all the chaotic emotional charge it brings? If you are overwhelmed and drained from being around others, you are likely experiencing this psychic ability. In another post, I will walk you through how to protect your beautiful energy, but for now, let’s work on expanding the ability.

Clairsentient Exercises:

1. Find a partner. Ask a friend to borrow you a photo of a loved one who has passed. Hold the image in both of your hands and put your focus on the person who has passed. Set your intention to connect with how the person in the photo felt when the picture was taken. Check in with yourself and notice how you are feeling. Do you feel sad, anxious, happy, or something else? Are you receiving any impressions, either physically or emotionally? Share everything that you receive with your friend, and trust what you get. You may surprise yourself! Repeat this exercise with different photos and friends.

2. Grab a pet. Sitting with a pet is a perfect way to practice your clairsentience abilities. Yes, any pet will do. When you can sit in a calm environment with just your pet, try tuning into their energy. Set your intention to feel what they are feeling. Ask yourself their mood: are they hungry, sad, lonely, content, or have pain anywhere? This exercise is a great way to practice, and you are bonding with your pet.

3. Practice with colors. You will likely have practiced this exercise if you have taken one of my intuitive courses. It’s a good one! Grab a box of crayons and a container you cannot see through. Dump the crayons, markers, or colored pencils into the container and shake it up. Close your eyes, reach into the container, and pick a crayon. Keep your eyes closed; try to feel the color you hold in your hand. You can connect with colors because they carry their own personal, unique, vibrant energy. As you have the crayon, marker, or pencil in your hands, try to sense what color it is and what emotions it carries. When you think you know the color you hold, you can open your eyes and reveal it.

Clairaudience means, just as it sounds, “clear hearing.” If you are a musician, speaker, singer, or writer, you may find this ‘Clair’ to be the strongest for you. Many clairaudients tend to hold conversations with themselves in their minds. You can receive intuitive information here and also from the spirit world. It’s not typically coming from outside of you, like a doorbell ringing or a car horn that everyone else can hear. Instead, it comes from inside of you, like your personal speaker box or radio.

It takes some effort to interpret what is coming from you and what is coming from outside of you. Once you understand it, though, and you get it, there is no turning back. This clair is one of the easiest to develop, in my opinion. When you receive a message clearly, it is a direct message; it is clear and to the point. You may hear a word, a phrase, or a name. You may receive a message in your inner ear through a voice, words, sounds, or music. Try not to let communication scare you because it can be a remarkable tool for you to utilize. Also, it is essential to note that a message will never harm you. You will always keep your free will when practicing clairaudience.

Clairaudient Exercise:

1. Make time to listen. You can open or close your eyes for this exercise. Be in a space where someone will not disturb you, and you can remain focused. Choose your location, inside or outside. Start by listening to all of the sounds that are going on around you in your space. For example, if you are outside and you hear children laughing down the street, a buzzing lawn mower, a dog barking, and a fly buzzing around, you focus on all these sounds. Once you recognize all the sounds in your space, you will focus on just one of those many sounds to pay attention to. Your goal will be to let all other sounds fade into the background. The one sound you have chosen to be your focal point will be where your attention should remain focused for as long as possible. When you can no longer concentrate on that sound because you lost interest or it has ceased, you can pick another sound.

We practice this technique so that we can better tune into a clairaudient message when it is presented to us. You can also do this same exercise with some music playing. Try focusing on one instrument or voice from the song playing and drowning out all other instruments and voices.

Claircognizance is the ability to know something; it is our ‘clear knowing.’ We have no logical explanation for knowing it, but we do. Have you ever heard the expression, “I knew this was going to happen, and yet I just can’t explain it?” This inner sense is your intuition knocking, and you are using the claircognizance ability. People who are spiritual leaders, scientists, professors, doctors, and healers will find this to be their strongest clair.

Clear knowing comes to us as if a switch is flipped. It can be hard to explain where or how you know, but you will be amazed once you start working with this ability and tuning into it. Trusting will be the most challenging part for you to push past because there is no real evidence. It will take your patience, practice, and trust. Always remember, if you are practicing and receiving information, you must give it. Otherwise, you will never know, and someone will miss the message.

Claircognizance Exercises:

1. Automatic Writing. Sit among the quiet. Light a candle, grab some paper, dim the lights, and ensure you won’t be interrupted. Automatic writing allows your mind to wander and lets your words flow easily.

Sometimes, we need to lose ourselves before we can find ourselves.

Start by asking yourself a question; without analyzing, criticizing, or putting thoughts into your words, listen and let it flow as you write. There is no stopping to judge the thoughts or read what is written. You will know when it is time to stop because the energy fueling the inspiration to keep pouring the words onto the paper will start too slow, and you will begin to second guess yourself.

At this point, put your pen down, take a few deep breaths, and then go back and read what you have written. Ask all the questions; there is nothing too big when you move out of your head space and into your heart space. Keep practicing.

2. Check-In. Do you use a pendulum or tarot cards for personal insight or to help others? Use your inner knowing instead of answering the question, problem, or situation with your tools. Then, use your tools as a way to check yourself. Sure, there will be times that you will get it wrong, but with more practice and trust, you will get there. Soon, your intuition will be more accurate than your tools.

3. Connect. Zero in on a moment, word, person, animal, or thing for more practice growing your claircognizance skills.

First, clear your mind from your thoughts, center yourself with a deep breath, and set your intent on the task. Here is what I want you to do. Yes, right now. Clear your mind, take a deep breath, and tell me what time you think it is. No, do not look at your phone. Let your sense of knowing work for you.

Now, take a look; how close did you get?

4. Focus. Another way you will practice this is by focusing on something or someone in particular. Please come up with 5 to 10 statements regarding that person or item you have picked.

Let’s say I chose a flower to focus on in front of me. I would clear my thoughts, center myself with my breath, and then set my intention to connect with the flower. As I focus on this flower, I feel all sorts coming into my intuition.

I know this flower is lonely; it needs water because it is thirsty; I know it is feeling scared, and I also know it has the will to survive. The information does not have to be forced when you intend to connect; just be patient and be a good listener. When you have received everything that you can, be sure to say thank you.

5. Analyze Wins. Lastly, people will practice knowing when they receive a phone call or text message. It works like before by clearing your thoughts, centering yourself with your breath, and setting your intention.

When your phone rings, ask yourself who is on the other end and why they are calling you. Do the same if you receive a text message ding; who is the incoming text from, and what is the context of their message?

You will not get it right every time, just as you will not always get it wrong. So when you do get it right, analyze the situation and how you felt. Continue to repeat what you are doing, which leads you to those successes, so that you can expand on that.

The world is your playground for self-expansion. Have a ton of fun out there! If, along the way, you want a mentor for your spiritual development, check out the programs I offer and my online courses.



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