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Exploring the Different Types of Mediumship

Exploring the Different Types of Mediumship

Have you been considering dabbling in a field of mediumship?

There are many types of mediumship for you to consider. It is essential that you don’t follow the crowd and instead follow your heart and what speaks to you when choosing an avenue of mediumship. You will want to explore all paths and choose one to zone in on based on what resonates with your personality, style, and soul.

When speaking about mediumship, it is often assumed that a person wants to connect with one’s loved one in spirit. Although there may be different mediumship forms, they typically carry the same commonality. As a medium, our objective is always to prove that a form of life continues after physical death.

If you are exploring mediumship, you may start in evidential-spiritual mediumship but end up feeling most comfortable doing a form of physical mediumship. That is normal. The key is to explore all the mediumship faucets and follow what calls to your soul.

You may hear these terms: evidential mediumship, channel mediumship, precipitation mediumship, physical mediumship, inspirational mediumship, and energy mediumship. Also, you may hear people refer to spiritual mediumship as New Age mediumship. Sometimes, the jargon can be a little confusing. So, let’s talk about some of these most common forms of mediumship and what each one entails in some detail.

Evidential/Mental Mediumship is a style of mediumship that relies heavily on the medium’s ability to bring substantial evidence to the sitter. The medium uses their clairs to interpret the information coming through from spirit and translates those messages into the physical form with words. The evidence will include names, how they passed, personality traits, physical ailments, specific memories, phrases, and languages used by the loved one in spirit. Spirit will provide detailed information if the medium asks specific, straightforward questions. This method assures that the person who is having the reading can identify exactly which loved one is present and communicating.

Channel Mediumship involves the medium allowing spirit to use their body as a conduit to communicate. The medium will take on the characteristics and mannerisms in which spirit carried themselves in the physical world. The medium will not lose consciousness or their individuality; instead, they mentally step aside, allowing spirit to lead. Many will describe this process as a trance-like state of being. People often say after attending a channeled session that it felt like they were once again in the room with their loved one.

Physical Mediumship can be described as anything happening of a material nature that the medium and others can perceive. Within physical mediumship are automatic writings, where spirit controls your hand. Some other phenomena include levitation, telekinesis, transfiguration, knocking, and spirits’ ability to use ectoplasm from the medium’s body. We don’t see much of this style these days, as many physical mediums require much time to develop; some believe it is also because spirit has found more efficient means to communicate.

Precipitation Mediumship is a rare form of mediumship, much like physical mediumship. Essentially, spirit creates writings and various arts. Spirit can also demonstrate the materialization of miscellaneous objects. This type of mediumship is built with great dedication to the practice and is incredibly remarkable.

Energy Mediumship: This mediumship brings life-force energy through the body and channels it to others. We use this energy in Reiki and Shamanism. As a reiki healer, you might not consider yourself a medium, but you are using mediumistic abilities to attune to the world of spirit. You become a channel for healing. Also note that when we do any mediumship work, we deliver healing to our sitters.

Inspirational Mediumship embraces our connection to the divine, helping to lift our physical world. We can connect with spirit for enlightenment, motivation, and confirmation. Some famous speakers, writers, musicians, scientists, and artists are inspirational mediums. There are inspirational mediums that connect clairvoyantly to spirit and draw departed loved ones. Mediums that work to inspire may channel poetry or write letters from those in the afterlife.

When you hear a medium use the term spiritual or new-age mediumship, it is more about their state of being in this work. A Spiritual Medium focuses on coming from a place of unconditional love. They are coming to this work without religion, ego, or negativity. It is a reflection of one’s ability to be open-minded and positive.

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