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How can a Psychic give me a reading over different platforms?

How can a psychic medium give me a reading over different platforms?

How can a psychic medium give me a reading over a chat platform, phone call, or Zoom room? Thank you for your question! This is a great question. We must never be afraid to ask our spiritual questions. It truly fills my soul to have the chance to aid in your spiritual awakening, and I love being here with all of you.

Simply put, when a psychic medium is connecting with your energy or that of spirits, they are not limited by time or space. This means that no matter where you or the medium are at and connecting, it will not impact the reading. If the medium connects with you over the phone, for example, she will be tuning into the energy that surrounds you and that you are bringing to the phone call.

The psychic medium uses spiritual senses and intuition to tune into the energy and vibrations you have brought forward. They will begin interpreting all information received through those senses and then pass those messages onto you.

Every single thing that surrounds us is energy, and that energy is all vibrating at different frequencies. When it is humid outside, for example, you can feel that it is sticky and perceive it as humid conditions. However, we can’t see or touch that humidity, yet that does not mean it doesn’t exist.

Too often, humans want things in black and white. If we can’t see, hear, feel, taste, or smell it, then how can it exist? This very thing is so special about a medium’s ability to connect; they are not limiting themselves to those five physical senses. We do not limit ourselves to what we can see, feel, hear, taste, and smell in the physical world. We move beyond the physical world.

A medium has learned and knows with their whole heart that there is more because they experience it outside of those five physical senses.

When a medium connects with you, they raise their energetic vibrations, and Spirit, who already vibrates in a higher manner, lowers theirs so that the two can meet in the middle. It takes time to learn how to tune into those higher vibrations of spirit, but listen; if you have the desire, willingness, patience, and time to practice, you can successfully expand your spiritual senses and intuition.

Back to our question, because a medium is not limited to physical worldly perceptions, nor is spirit. They can absolutely connect with you via phone, chat, or teleconference. I also want to mention that sometimes it’s preferred by the person wanting the reading because they can be in the comfort of their home. The medium can also be in their own sacred space and concentrate on the task at hand. That task brings you beautiful messages to help heal, move, and inspire you.

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