Hi, so glad you are stopping by, my name is Cathleen. I am a wife of 12 years to my husband, Ian. Also, I am a mother of 5, Christian (21), Summer (20), Hailey (18), Jaden (11), and Averi (9).

I came from a small family, I am the oldest sibling. Born and raised in a small town in Nebraska. Recently, my husband and I built our forever home in the country, so that we could give that lifestyle to our youngest children. So far we love the solitude that the countryside brings!

The husband, as I like to call him, is an Ag Mechanic. He is an incredibly hard worker. It is because of him that I have been able to stay home with my children the past eleven years. I am very grateful we have been able to manage this lifestyle, although, not always easy.

I have been writing for many years, but in the past have not been one to share. As I share now, I continue to push myself out of my comfort zones and explore the things that make me happy. In 2019 I wrote my first children’s book “You Are My Everything” for small children 0-4 years of age. I feel the book is a small first step in what I want to achieve going forward.

Seven years ago, I had my first dvt, and pulmonary embolism, my youngest daughter just three at that time. This was life altering, it changed me as a person, as a mom, as a wife, and it changed me at a soul level. It would be five years later from this first incident that I would then again learn I had more dvt’s in both of my legs. My medical condition inspired me to create my own compression wear design, please check that out, under the ‘shop’ through the website!

My hopes for this blog is to really grow from all of my experiences. Share with others, with parents, spiritual enthusiasts and with survivors. I am a mom and wife first, that brings me the most purpose! When I am not ‘momming’ I enjoy writing, volunteering my time counseling those whom have lost loved ones, and reading books of all sorts. I love everything about being outdoors in nature!

In this blog, I would like to share about parenting, marriage, and spiritualism. As well as writing about health of the mind, body, and soul.

Thank you for taking this journey with me!
I wish you a blessed day, I wish you well!