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Is my pet a spirit guide?

Is my pet a spirit guide?

How to know if your furry companion is also your angelic guide:

I love this question!

Truth be told, all of our animals are very special. They absolutely do grow us spiritually. Helping us in ways we didn’t even know we needed or deserved.

Animals teach us to love unconditionally. Sure, they come with a ton of responsibility, though that, too, is part of the compelling growth you are achieving.

You are not the only one benefiting from this unique companionship; rest assured they are, too.

You will know that your pet is a guide to you if you share a special bond with them. When I saw my little fur child, I knew she belonged with me. It is a feeling you get in your gut, a knowing that you two belong together. It is an unspoken understanding that we have spent many lifetimes together. When we are apart, I long for her.

Secondly, you will know if your pet is a spiritual guide by how you communicate with one another. They are likely an animal guide if you communicate with fluency, ease, and an unspoken understanding by simply sharing the same space. One look at my girl; I know when she needs water, fresh air, or a cuddle. In return, she knows when I need her and understands when I need my space.

We know these special friends are guides when they are still with us, even when we are miles apart. If you are away on a trip and receive visions or dreams of your companion, this is an excellent indication of your connection. If you are in a meditation or dream state and your furry friend appears, know you are working together.

Take notice of your animal angel’s strong connection with others you love. When our pets are a part of our soul family, they will likely be bonded with the ones closest to us. Yesterday, my parents came to our house for a visit, and my little girl was so overjoyed; she met them down the driveway, jumped in their car, and took the rest of the journey with them up to the house. When it has been a while, she misses them and recognizes them when they return. It’s a soul-family thing.

How and when did you acquire your pet? One way or another, your animal angel guide will find you so that you can be together. I was once drawn to a little disabled puppy; she would require a lifetime of care, but I wanted her so much. I met with the breeder and her in person and soon realized that it was her sister that I was meant to meet and fall in love with that day. We did not even know she existed before the greeting, but it was love at first sight once we were introduced. Sometimes, our uniting will be spiritual in nature.

Look at the numbers surrounding you and your pet-birthdates, pick-up dates, and even the day they depart. Soul families come in and out of our lives around the same date and time. I could write an entire book on the importance of the dates surrounding us. Remember, there are no coincidences. If your animal angel guide passes on August 21st and the kitty your daughter just purchased was born on August 21st, this might be your special companion coming back into your life.

Finally, do some acknowledgments and research on the names that surround your precious animal angel. So often, the name chooses them. It may come to you intuitively or as a sign amongst your surroundings. I asked my guides for the name of my little one, “Can I have her name, please?” I heard her name loudly and clearly, thanked them, and then declared her middle name. With that declaration, I should look up her name’s meaning. As it turns out, her middle name held the same meaning as her first name-how ironic. I was left without a shadow of a doubt that this was indeed her name and that we were meant to be.

Our pets are so extraordinary. A gift from above. They protect us, comfort us, and support us. It is not by some accident that you two have found one another. That shared unconditional love knows no veil; it is an eternal love in life and in the Everly After.

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