Spiritual Reiki Healing


Awaken and align your body with a reiki healing session. Reiki is a gentle, noninvasive healing practice and is used as a natural therapy for many conditions. In Reiki, we channel life-force energy to alleviate physical and emotional pain. Reiki can be done over long distances as well as in person because channeled energy moves with the practitioner’s intent.

My Reiki sessions are unique and personal to each individual. Because of my connections with spirit, we work as a team for the purposes of your healing. While channeling life-force energy, I am in tune with you and often your spiritual team. After each healing session, we will have a briefing of the experiences you and I both received during your spiritual healing session.


* You will need a quiet, comfortable, relaxing, and uninterrupted space for the healing session.
* You will need a glass of water and will be encouraged to drink water following the healing session.
* This session will be done remotely via phone or zoom (cameras off)