Intuitive Expression Course: Spiritual Practice & Development


Are you seeking a safe space to practice your psychic and intuitive abilities? The Intuitive Expression Course offers many practice opportunities. Here, you will continue to gain confidence in your unique gifts as you offer them to the world.

This course’s lessons include instructional videos, fun exercises for expansion, and the instructor’s shared knowledge.

Partner with Cathleen to strengthen your psychic senses. Utilize psychic tools and your inner knowing to embrace your potential. Along the way, explore topics on crystals, manifesting, mindfulness, and chanting.

This course can be a standalone, getting you straight down to business. However, if you have taken EA’s previous courses, Awakening & Understanding Your Intuition and Expanding Your Intuition, this will be the finale of the intuitive series.

Join EA to discover your intuitive strengths. You will flourish in your practice by taking the time to implement, explore, and challenge yourself.

Everly After was started for those who want a safe space to explore spirituality. As EA grows, we continue to come together in our grief, loss, and awareness. This community is free from judgment, criticism, or comparison. You Belong Here!

Intuitive Expression Practice Course & Development is a self-paced – lifetime-accessible course that you can take again and again!

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