• BENEFITS OF COMPRESSION THERAPY: Helps to prevent injury. Better performance. Helps to ease tired legs. Helps with dryness & comfort. Improves recovery time. Enhance blood circulation. Vein Discomfort. Edema pregnancy related swelling. Blood Clots. Travel comfort. Walking & running performances. Also much more!
  • COMPRESSION SOCKS: 20mmHg, Breathable High Performance Poly & Spandex Fabric Compress. Idea for people with pregnancy related swelling or blood clot prevention measures.  Recover more effectively with less injury and better performances. Reduce your swelling when you travel while looking fabulous!
  • UNIQUE INSPIRING APPAREL: Choose one of our unique inspiring designs to help you feel good on the inside, while showing it on the outside! Love this life despite our illness, shortcomings, and roadblocks.
  • SIZE & CARE: ‘BLESSED’ is available in two sizes S/M & LG/XL. Everyone can wear these beautifully designed compression socks! I recommend when caring for your socks to hand wash or use a gentle cycle on your wash machine for the longevity of your compression wear.


If you would like to purchase a pair of ‘BLESSED’ compression socks, please visit everlyafter.net under the shop!

It is my hope that when you wear these unique, feel good socks that it will boost your self-esteem, bring you a better quality of life, and improve your comfort! When wearing these socks, I hope it touches hearts, gives people hope, and helps to spread awareness to our conditions.  When we spread awareness through sharing our stories, we give others hope, we potentially save a life with knowledge, and we find support and strength in others!

This product comes from the heart. It is meant to inspire you, encourage you, spread positivity, and help you to feel good! Live your life for you, despite any illness, shortcomings, or roadblocks! Be you. Be Kind. Be Spiritual! Spread that Positivity!

Thank you for your support, it truly means the world to me!

I wish you well! XXX