Every single one of us has reasons to live and push forward after a diagnosis, a hardship, or a near death experience. Perhaps your reason is that you have not shared enough of you with this world, maybe you are living for someone else, or have yet to reach a goal you’ve set.  Just maybe you are living for you, that is fantastic too!

It is my belief that we are all here for a reason, a purpose. If you have not been called home just yet or you have been given a second chance at life, you have more to do here in the physical world.  If you have not quite figured out what your purpose is, just yet, hang in their, I have faith that you will find it soon!

It is important that we listen to what is inside ourselves, to what motivates us, and to what inspires us. Most of us do have hobbies and interests that call to us, lift us, and makes us extremely happy. However, we put those things aside and settle for a job that we tolerate so that we can put food on our tables, so that we can simply get by.

Do you notice that when you are doing something that does not reside well with you that you feel mentally exhausted, physically fatigued, and dissatisfied? Have you ever took notice of how your body felt after you went somewhere that you absolutely did not want to go, but you did it any ways to make someone else happy? You get home, probably pour yourself a drink, take a nap, or turn the tv on to zone out from your now exhausted state of being. 

Now think about how you feel after a day of doing something that does inspire, motivate you, and feeds your soul.  How does your body, mind, and soul feel in comparison to the other state of being?

So why do we do this to ourselves?  Over time we are going to fall ill, right…?  Consume foods to try and fill our voids, to make us happy.  Drink ourselves to an unhealthy state of being, loose our desires all together, and create anger within ourselves.

Stop, just stop, these unhealthy cycles are doing no one any good. Instead encourage yourself, love yourself, listen to your soul, and give yourself permission to be happy. You do not have to be unhappy every single day! Whomever, said that you did, fire them! Give yourself permission to live this life for you. For the love of God stop saying, I will change these circumstances tomorrow!  Instead, start changing them today!

Our souls come here to the physical world to grow in spiritual ways. We can grow by many experiences, grow in purpose, grow in compassion for others, and in love. Why do we deny ourselves the happiness which lives within our being, itching to be at the heart of what we are doing? What feeds your soul? Maybe at heart you are a healer, yet for some reason you wake up and dress for your shift at Mc’Donalds which is conveniently located across the street from your apartment. You are saving a ton of money, by not pursing schooling to reach the proper education to achieve your goals, sure, however, you are denying your souls purpose and growth. When we deny ourselves we are making ourselves full of regret, sickness in mind, body, and spirit. Also, if we are not going to do what we came here to do in the first place, we will likely be coming back to try it all over again! Hopefully, you will get it right the next time… 






Join me this week, let’s get serious about taking control of what does sit well with your soul!