Let’s take the ‘JUST’ out of ‘JUST A MOM’, already!!!
If you are a stay at home parent you know as well as I do that these precious years are flying right by us.  All of the sacrifices that you have made in order to stay home, has likely been worth it. I know for us these sacrifices have been challenging, but also worth it. Many times we have gone without new shoes or clothes, we have had cheap meals, passed on an invite out on the town, and missed out on fancy vacations.  However, many sacrifices that have been made the pay out of being right there alongside your children as they grow are much greater.
We all know there has been the good days as well as those bad days.  Days where you wanted to quit, cry, runaway, and find a job like yesterday. If you are anything like me maybe you have felt isolated, lost some friendships, and felt the world outside of the home is passing you on by. The deal is you have been there to watch your children greet the morning sun, every single morning! As well as every single night you get to kiss, hug, and love on them. Nothing beats those night time snuggles! It is all the milestones, accomplishments, appointments, boo boos kissed, all the walks with talks, stories, picnics, and the ice creams that make it all worth while!
Perhaps, our children will never understand the sacrifices made quite like we do, maybe the day that they are making decisions such as these for their own children’s futures will they fully understand.  It is not about the praise us parents receive, however it is about knowing that we are at the heart of all their childhood moments. We don’t want to miss any moments!
Months ago I was speaking to my husband about going back to work part-time, I was feeling like I was ‘just a mom’ so I spent a few hours in contemplation prior to applying, but I thought I was ready. It was just a measly few days a week job, after all, that I had my eye on, so I put in an application. I was offered the job immediately. It took us all by surprise how quickly it took place (as if we would be given a year to toss around the idea, lol).  Then the discussions began, would it be worth the money, how will we rearrange the schedules, who will take our daughter to gymnastics, how much will the commute cost, should we put in a house phone, and who’s going to care for the animals in the morning?  Are the kids ready, what if they fight, what if the kids don’t eat, will I still have time to write, and so many more questions with contemplation.  I am telling you by the time we would get done trying to solve one issue, another we would run into, it was exhausting!  The fact is this lifestyle that we have been living has become a part of who we all are now and how we all operate. A two day work shift with moms time away from home was just not adding up!
So now what, where did this leave me? I was starting to wonder if I am destined to be ‘Just A Mom’ for the rest of my life! Yet, it seems like maybe I was really needed here at home. This of course was not the first time I have questioned working outside of the home after all these years. Somehow it seemed different this time, I felt as if I was ready for a purpose. The kids are older now, my youngest children both in school, wiping own butts, brushing teeth, dressing themselves, both can make a sandwich, use a phone, and pretty much know all the do’s and don’ts.
I began talking to my mother about these feelings of wanting purpose. Am I destined to be ‘Just A Mom’ for the rest of my life, I asked her one day. Let’s face it not many are standing around to congratulate me on my new spin of the peanut butter & jelly’s lately! How about the Friday evening drink with a co-worker on a week well done celebration, it has been many years since I was invited for one of those feeling accomplished drinks. My mother’s (audacity, lol) words really hit me over the head, when she answered me with “ya know, you are not ‘Just A Mom’ I really wish you would stop saying that.”  “You have the most important job of anyone, I know, she says.” That was the reminding that I had needed. I do already have the most important job of all! I do have purpose!
Our children are impacted daily with the choices us parents make to stay home. We get to be at the heart of the accomplishments, important learning years, and shaping these little humans into who they will one day become. Really, we do have a great big job, it is time we give ourselves more credit! Loosing the ‘Just’ in “Just A Mom.”  The truth is this time will fly right by us, we have already experienced it with our older children.
Embrace what you have in the moments you have them, my advice to myself for now!
I hope that you are embracing each of your moments!
I wish you well! 💗