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The Father’s Day Blues

The Father's Day Blues

Fathers are not built the same. Father’s Day may leave you sad, angry, or grief-ridden. Not everyone has had a great relationship with their father, so it can be difficult for some when this time rolls around each year.

Many find Father’s Day a time for celebration, while others sit amongst feelings of regret, painful memories, abandonment, or loss. No matter where the pain associated with your father stems from, your feelings are valid.

A few years ago, I set out to find something to help my clients with their grief after experiencing a significant loss. What I found was that not only was I able to help my clients, but it significantly helped me, too. For years, I carried feelings of abandonment from my father. Then, his unexpected death left me full of unresolved grief; there would never be reunification, which was hard to swallow.

The program that I found was on grief recovery. Who would ever think to put grief and recovery in the same sentence? I did not initially understand how these two words belonged together, but as time passed, I completed the program, and it began to make perfect sense. The Grief Recovery Program is an action-based program that helps you navigate through your feelings of grief so that you can be free.

Growing up, I was never taught how to deal with my feelings like many others. Here I was now, an adult, helping others navigate their losses, and I was still burdened by my unmet dreams, hopes, and future expectations. We don’t have to keep these big feelings to ourselves; we can heal our broken hearts.

I take others through the grief program these days, so if you are ready to heal your broken heart, reach out to me. We will walk this path together without judgment, criticism, or comparison!


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