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A letter to your Spirit Guides or Angels (Exercise)

A letter to your Spirit Guides or Angels (Exercise)

You will want to find a calm, quiet, and comfortable writing place. Bring along with you a pen, paper, and envelope. Put yourself in an environment that speaks to your soul and helps set the mood for you to write from your heart space. I love to write curled up in my soft blanket, with my candles burning, and in front of my fireplace.

Set aside 10–30 minutes of uninterrupted time to write your letter.

There is no need for you to know the name of one of your spirit guides or angels; you can address your letter as Dear Guide or Dear Angel. Your guides or angels will receive it because your intention has been set; trust in that.

Once you have addressed your letter, get into your heart space. Allow yourself to sit comfortably, writing from your honesty and your truth. Speak to your spirit guides or angels the way you would a dear friend of yours. What is it that has been on your mind lately? Are you in need of some guidance in a particular situation? Do you have something that you need to get off of your chest? Let it all out on your paper.

Your spiritual guides and angels want to support you through life’s obstacles.

Once you have finished your letter, sign it as you would any other letter and seal it within the envelope. Once you have sealed your letter, ask your guides and angels how to send it to them. You can ask that question within your mind or speak it out loud. When you have asked, listen; trust your intuition. The first thought that pops into your head about how you should send them this letter is exactly how it is meant to be received. When you were writing the letter, it is possible that you already knew how you wanted to send it. Do you feel that you should shred, burn, float, mail, or stick it in a drawer or a book? Do what comes to you; they will receive it.

After your letter has been sent, you have nothing left to do but let it go. Trust that it will be received, and all will be revealed to you in divine timing. Your letter will reach its destination. The following days, weeks, and months will likely hold your answers. Watch for any signs or symbols showing you that your letter has been received.

Manifestation works at its finest because the intention has been set; you have separated yourself from the outcome, let go of the anxiety surrounding it, and leave room for the possibility. It will be no different when it comes to this letter you sent to your guide or angel. Your answers, solutions, and responses will come when you are meant to receive them.

Sit back, relax, and know that you have been heard. Be open to receiving guidance from your guides and angels in the coming days and weeks. Often, our answers come in the least expected ways.

When we are sent a sign, symbol, or answer, the heart feels it. You will not be able to dismiss a signal from the divine easily; typically, it comes with an intuitive knowing that this is my answer. When you do receive it, always be sure to say thank you. Giving our thanks and gratitude encircles us in a loving, receptive, and prosperous relationship with our spiritual team.

You can write your letters often or infrequently. The love, support, and guidance you will get from your spiritual team are always there. Your team knows this life is hectic, busy, and full of surprises. No worries. Also, feel free to write in the good times as well. You do not have to be going through a crisis to sit down and share with your teammates.

Happy Writing!


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