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Connecting with Your Spirit Animals: A Simple Exercise

Connecting with Your Spirit Animals: A Simple Exercise

Our spiritual teams are grander than we often imagine them to be. Working alongside our angels and guides is the Animal Kingdom. It is all too important not to dismiss these amazing friends coming in and out of our lives.

Like your other spiritual teammates, animals will come and go to help support you as you develop or go through different life obstacles. Animals can help with our courage, strength, and abilities. They bring us guidance, love, and healing. They can provide us with wisdom as well.

Our soul calls out to these animals, drawing them into our energy fields. As you know by now and likely understand, we are all connected. So, by tuning into your soul self, you will be able to discover what animals surround you in your energy field.

There are several ways that we can discover which animals are around us. One way is simply by paying attention to songs, pictures, books, and conversations that keep bringing up a particular animal.  You can also do guided meditations and non-guided meditations. Sometimes, we will discover the animal during a dream visit or a daydream that we are having.

No matter your chosen method, you will always want to start by setting your intentions.


Connecting with Your Spirit Animals: A Simple Exercise


We can do a simple exercise together today to meet one of your spirit animals by doing a little drawing meditation. You will want to grab some paper, a pen, or a pencil. Look for a quiet, relaxing space. Begin by doing your groundwork and opening yourself to the divine by running your energy.

Next, we will center ourselves with our breath. Breathe in 1…2…3…4… then breathe out 1…2…3…4… again breathe in 1…2…3…4… and breathe out 1…2…3…4 … 

Perfect, set your intention today; I want to connect with one of my spirit animals. I am looking for insight on… and then state the particular situation you need or want to know about.

After you set your intention, become very aware of your surroundings here at this moment, paying attention to your third eye, all of your senses, and what you are feeling, hearing, smelling, and sensing. If anything is coming to mind, listen in for a few minutes; you are listening inwardly.

Next, grab your paper, pen, or pencil.  Ask yourself this question: Which spirit animal is here with me today? Try and allow yourself not to overthink this; when you are ready, draw your spirit animal on the paper before you and let it flow from you with ease. We do not want to force anything. It should come to you naturally, freely, and by instinct. It really is just that simple.

Be as detailed as you want in your drawing; if it’s not detailed at all, that is okay, too. Focus on your intention again as you are drawing. What do I need to know right now? What situation am I looking for help with?

Who is showing up here for you today? What animal have you drawn in front of you that is present right now in your life? Now, open yourself to why this animal is showing up for you. What does this animal in front of you symbolize?  What colors is this animal made of, what are the animal’s behaviors, and what sounds does this animal make?

Please spend some time researching your animal and connecting with everything it symbolizes. Once you know what this animal represents, ask yourself why it is showing up for you. Open your heart space to this animal and let it in. Watch for signs that this animal is with you in the coming days.

Also, always give your thanks; show your appreciation and gratitude to your animal friend. We are all connected in this beautiful world and the next, never alone.

You can do this exercise anytime you want or need to. Keep trusting in the process. I hope you are in awe of what you were gifted today and that your heart is full of love and spirits presence.

Many blessings to you!

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