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Nurturing Your Gifts: The Role of Spiritual Circles in Mediumship Practice

Nurturing Your Gifts: The Role of Spiritual Circles in Mediumship Practice

Nurturing Your Gifts: The Role of Spiritual Circles in Mediumship Practice

Dearest Spiritual Mediumship Students, today, let’s discuss some benefits of joining a spiritual circle. We want you to nurture those unique gifts consistently. 

When we join a spiritual circle with like-minded people, we create a safe space to practice with those who should judge us the least. This safe, welcoming environment will help us grow faster than if we were out searching for people to practice with on our own.

Some of the many benefits of practicing with other mediums include learning and growing from one another, bouncing questions off each other, and expanding in specific exercises during a circle. 

In joining a circle, you are prioritizing your spiritual practice. You are making an appointment with others and holding yourself accountable for your attendance. Consistency is essential when working with spirit. You will find that showing up at the same time each week will prove to Spirit and yourself that you are ready for this hard work. When we are accountable, we will see the progression we are seeking. 

It is vital to your success as a medium to avoid going into a spiritual circle with your ego. Circles are not for competition or comparison. Spiritual practice has no finish line. We are not playing a game of cards or a game of football. There is no race to be won here. Instead, we want to show our spiritual teams that we are open to learning as much as they will give us for as long as we live a spiritual life. 

Look at spiritual circles as a way to connect with others who share your interests. Embrace others in this community for their individuality. We are not meant to be alike, so you may find that someone here brings you new perspectives or interests. 

Our links to spirit are nothing short of amazing. When you hold this ability, you also have a huge responsibility to those you read for and to that of spirit. Occasionally, you will come across someone with the wrong intentions or needing to be more responsible with their gifts. When that time comes, remember that you control yourself, your actions, and your mediumship; don’t partake in the nonsense. Always work from a place of dignity, grace, and love. If you are working for the greater good, you cannot go wrong with that. 

Keep spreading your light, and please don’t be afraid to try out a circle or even start one of your very own. 



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